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Takatoku and Yumeo, Tokyo-based artists, primarily incorporate optical phenomena, flora, and fauna into their art. In their work, they express fascination with natural phenomena and forms that they discover when they immerse themselves in the natural environment outdoors.  


They primarily work with commonplace man-made objects like industrial pipes and acrylic sheets. The reason for this is that, just as we are attracted to the sea, which is made up of seawater, for example, they aim to convey the appeal of simple materials that, depending on how they are handled, can express an organic nature.  


They place more emphasis on the actual look and feel of the work than on poetic concepts when it comes to the expression of their work. This is because they value the viewer's empathy. The duo empathically conveys the appeal of phenomena and forms that we are used to seeing in everyday life but have never paid attention to before.  


Their work aims to inspire viewers to deepen their exploration of nature by conveying its attractiveness

The meaning of 'OSOTO' is a polite expression of the Japanese word for out side.

(そと:SOTO,おそと:OSOTO)In Japanese this is a word often used to address children. In other words, the word "outside", the natural environment common to both of them, and the idea that we have always valued the beauty and experience of the outside as children. There is also a desire to make the letter 'O' stand out. It comes from the song 'Circle of Life' in their favourite film The Lion King.




「OSOTO」の意味は、日本語の「外」を丁寧に表現したもの。つまり、"外 "という言葉には、両者に共通する自然環境、そして子どもの頃から外の美しさや、経験を大切にしてきたという思いが込められている。また、「O」の文字は、彼らの大好きな映画『ライオン・キング』の劇中歌「Circle of Life」に由来する。

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