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Born in Gifu, Japan in 1989, he developed a profound fascination with architecture from childhood, shaped by frequent relocations and a dream to become an architect by age nine. Exploring natural settings like forests and rivers, he absorbed sensory experiences that later influenced his artistic journey.  

In 2008, he enrolled at Tokyo Designer Gakuin to study design, focusing on practical architectural work. Despite graduating with honors in 2010, the economic downturn and a sense of Japanese societal discord prompted a year-long job search, leading to a reevaluation of his career path. Subsequently, in 2012, he pursued self-study and entered Tama Art University's Department of Environmental Design. Here, he encountered lighting designer Satoshi Uchihara and Japanese garden designer Shunmyo Masuno, sparking his fascination with light and metaphorical expression, known as 'Mitate'. Winning the Architectural Lighting Design Competition in 2013 marked a pivotal moment in his academic journey.  

Furthering his studies at Tokyo University of the Arts, he delved into the spatial exploration of light phenomena, co-founding the 'Space Production Lab.' in 2016. Their collaborative efforts garnered international recognition, including exhibitions in Malta and Niigata Prefecture. Continuing his academic pursuit, he attained a PhD in design, exploring light's interaction with architecture. Artist residencies in Malta further enriched his research, culminating in publications on light and atmosphere.

In 2020, he unveiled "Ripple," a testament to his artistic evolution. Currently, he pursues a second PhD at Tokyo University of the Arts, delving into structural phenomena under Mitsuhiro Kanada's tutelage. Collaborating with Yumeo Nakayama, he co-founded 'OSOTO lab.' in 2022, aiming to push the boundaries of spatial possibilities.


His life's trajectory has been a prelude to his ultimate aspiration—a 'space of light'—a journey he continues with unwavering dedication.

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