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- Experience -

2022 - Pres.  OSOTO lab.  ​(Organization)

2020 - Pres.  oriharamiki planning office inc.  (Support member)

2018 - 2022 The Institute of Environmental Art and Design  (Officers)

2016 - 2022 Space Production Lab.  ​(Representative)

- Education -

2021 - Pres.  Ph.D. program in Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts

2018 - 2021 Ph.D. in Design, Tokyo University of the Arts  (The top graduated)

2016 - 2018 M.A. in Design, Tokyo University of the Arts

2012 - 2016 B.A. in Environmental Design, Tama Art University  (The top graduated)

2008 - 2010 Diploma in Interior Design, TOKYO DESIGNER GAKUIN

- Artist-in-residence Program -

2023. 08 - 11 HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Finland

2018. 09 - 03 Institute of Art Malta -language program-, Malta of European Republic

- Exhibition -

2022 'JID AWARD winners Panel Exhibition', Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Aichi

2022 'JHOMON ART - INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ART FES in ONAHAMA             2022',  Environmental Aquarium Aquamarine Fukushima, Fukushima

2022 'THE WAY',  Valletta IAM Contemporary Art, Malta


            Zentsuji Kaikosha, Kagawa

2020 'Tokyo University of the Art Doctoral Program Final Exhibition 2020', Tokyo

2019 'SUTTEN - Is that design?- ',  Aoyama Spiral Garden, Tokyo

2019 'Land Politics',  Valletta Contemporary, Malta

2018 'Transnational Tokyo', 138 STChristopher Street Valletta, Malta

2018 'Tokyo University of Arts Completed Work Exhibition 2018', Tokyo

2016 'JID AWARD winners Panel Exhibition, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Aichi

2016 'Winter Vista Illumination 2016', Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo


2015 'TAU Department of Environmental Design Graduation work', Tokyo

2015 'Shinjuku Creators Fes, Category of Space', Shinjuku Center Building, Tokyo

2013 'JIA・DAIKO Architecture Lighting Design', Chi-Ka-Ho, Hokkaido

- ​Art Project -

2021 'ART SEASIDE NAOETSU', Coast around Funami Park, Niigata

2018 'European Capital of Culture - Valletta 2018',  Valletta Sea,  Malta

2017 'TOKYO SUKI FES 2017', Ueno Cultural Park , Tokyo

2017 'Night wedding', Oriental Hotel, Chiba

2016 'UENO PARK NIGHT EVENT SERIES', Ueno Cultural Park,  Tokyo

2016 'Light workshop', Machiya-kindergarten, Tokyo

2016 'TOKYO SUKI FES 2016', Ueno Cultural Park , Tokyo

- Partial Design -

2020 KYOCERA Museum of Art, KYOTO STEAM – International Arts × Science Fes –              2020: Weaving Water, Structural Design & Exterior Design & Development of                sound - dampening equipment & Construction & Install, Kyoto

2020 Narita International Airport, Open Space: Wall greening with wind, 

           Wind operation & Structural Design & Construction & Install, Chiba

2017 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Design Gallery: Sight,                

           Space Design & Object Production & Construction & Install, Kanazawa

2016 Midland Square, Midland Christmas Stage, Phenomena & Stage Design & 

           Construction & Small tree design & Install, Aichi


2023 A' Design Award and Competition

2023 Architizer

​2023 HIAP


2022 ​Tokyo University of the Arts Repository

Takatoku NISHI | Constructor・Phenomenon Creator・Ph.D.

He is fascinated by the transitory yet intense beauty of nature's ever-changing, fleeting scenes. He finds the atmospheric optical phenomena contained in these scenes and reconstructs them through 'materials' and 'structures'. It becomes a space of light, creating a spatial experience that we have never experienced before. One of the characteristics of the work is that it does not simply imitate nature, but uses geometric forms to give people a different impression from the organic forms of nature. Another characteristic of his work is that he incorporates the forces of nature, such as the sun and wind, into his artworks, creating new scenes that he creates together with nature. Takatoku NISHI consistently faces the mystique of light, while at the same time keeping in mind the 'Atmosphere.' those drifts from the work. This is interpreted as the true nature of the unique qualities of space that cannot be sensed through paintings or video images. The Atmosphere is created by harmonising the work and the environment surrounding it. The artwork serves as a medium to bring the spectacle of nature closer to us. They also remind us of the events that take place in the here and now and the concept of time, evoking the beauty of a familiar reality.

- Awards -

2023 Special Mention, Architizer A + Awards, Category of Architecture + Art, 


2023 SILVER A' DESIGN AWARD, A' Design Award and Competition, Category of

           Architecture, Building and Structure Design, Italy

2022 Grand Prix, Guest Jury Special Prize of Hiroshi Nakamura, (Double winner),

         JID AWARD 2022, Japan 

2021 Guest Jury Special Prize of Kengo Kuma,  Art Renaissance Prize,

           (Double winner),  TOKYO GEIDAI  Art Fest 2021, Japan 

2021 Nomura Art Prize,  Nomura Foundation, Japan 

2018 Award of Design N,  Tokyo University of Arts, Japan 


2016 Category of NEXTAGE Prize,  JID AWARD 2016, Japan 

2015 Grand Prize Graduation work, TAMA ART UNIVERSITY,

           Department of Environmental Design, Japan 

2015 Grand Prize,  Shinjuku Creators Festa, Category of space design, Japan 

2013 Grand Prize,  JIA・DAIKO Architecture Lighting Design Competition, Japan 


- Grants, Scholarship -

2023 TOKAS, Exchange Residency Program (Japanese Creators sent abroad)

2022 Japan Arts Foundation

2021 Repayment Exemption for Students with Excellent Grades, JASSO 

           (Exemption of all of the loan)

2020 HIrayama Ikuo Cultural Arts Foundation

2018 Repayment Exemption for Students with Excellent Grades, JASSO

           (Exemption of all of the loan)

2015 Scholarship, The alumni association of Tama Art University

2015 Prize fellowship,  TAMA ART UNIVERSITY


2014 First place, Japan Student Services Organization 

2014 Honors Scholarship, TAMA ART UNIVERSITY

2014 Prize fellowship, TAMA ART UNIVERSITY

- Thesis -

2021  光が織りなす現象と空気感 - Phenomena of Light and Atmosphere -

- Conference Presentation -

2020 Academic journal: Institute of Environmental Art and Design,    

           No24.  (Published)

2019 Academic journal: Institute of Environmental Art and Design,    

           No23.  (Published)

2019 20th Anniversary Convention " Environmental Art 1964 TOKYO 2020",      

           Tokyo, Japan. (Panel and Oral presentation)

2018 Academic journal: Institute of Environmental Art and Design,      

           No21.  (Published)

2018 3rd Fujian Province Taiwan Culture & Creative design forum, China.

           (Panel presentation)

- Special Lecture -

2023 JID Forum,  Organised by: Japan Interior Designers Association,                          Tokyo Midtown Liaison Centre, Tokyo

​2023 Design Student Exchange Programme "Interior Design Today"

       Organised by: Nagoya City, International Design Centre Inc,  

       Co-organised by: Japan Interior Designers Association,

         Council of Chubu Design Organisations, Nagoya Innovators Garage

         Annex (Garage 3F), Aichi

- Jury -

2023 JID AWARD 2023, Guest jury

2022 IEAD23, Akita Conference 'Excellent Presentation Award'Judging members

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