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One of my favorite scenes is 'the moonlight path on the sea at night' - it is a phenomenon seen during a full moon night. Looking at the moonlight reflected in this sea, one can recognize the beauty of nature and the charm of light. In Japanese, this phenomenon is called "TSUKI NO MICHI"(月の道) and when translated literally it means 'the moon way'. If "the moon way" could exist as a permanent space, an actual path we could walk on, this would be a truly alluring space. That is what Takatoku decided to create, and walk on “the path” in real life. In doing so he used a transparent triangular acrylic rod - 2 mm wide. Taka chose this material because it enables reflections and deflections of light in a very unique way. When one looks through the transparent panels the background is visible, however, the image is transformed, the objects behind are distorted creating a very unusual view.  Takatoku called this work the "SKY PATH", a path for people to walk and experience the moon light during the day. The joined rods act like Bamboo blinds, which move gently in the wind. Each panel moves and bends in its own specific way, plays with the light creating a magical, spiritual ambiance.

EXHIBITION : Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Work Exhibition
VENUE  : 12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, TOKYO
DATE  : 28 January - 3 February. 2018
MATERIAL : Triangular acrylic rod 20,000 pieces

SIZE :  H4000 , W8150, D4800 (1 set = H4000, W1000, D28)
COOPERATION  :  Yoichi Suzuki
SHOOTING  : Takatoku Nishi
​VIDEO EDITING  : Takatoku Nishi

SKY PATH in spiral

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